Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are information, often containing a unique anonymous identification code, which are sent to the browser by a web server and which are subsequently stored on the hard disk of the User’s computer. Cookies are then reread and recognized by the website that sent them in case of subsequent links. They are mainly used to make the websites work or make them work better and to provide commercial and marketing information to the owner of the site. The cookies used on our website are based on the categories established by the International Chamber of Commerce and, in particular, they are:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies: they are essential to allow you to browse our site and use the various features. Without these it is not possible to use neither the booking services nor all the other services available on the Website. These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for marketing purposes nor do they keep track of your web browsing. The installation of these cookies is a necessary condition for using the site, blocking them does not allow them to function. It is not necessary to provide consent for these cookies as they are essential to ensure the requested services.
  2. Performance cookies: they collect information on the use of the Website, the pages that are visited and any errors that may occur while browsing. We also use these cookies to recognize the site of origin of your visit on our website. These cookies do not collect information that can identify you. All information, in fact, is collected anonymously and is used to help us improve the functioning of the website. Our cookies therefore do not contain personal data. In some cases, some of these cookies are managed on our behalf by third parties, who are however not allowed to use them for purposes other than those listed above. The use of our website is equivalent to acceptance of the use of this type of cookie. If they are blocked, we cannot guarantee their correct functioning.
  3. Functionality cookies: they are used to facilitate navigation on the website, to memorize the settings you have chosen and to provide you with personalized functions. The selection of personalized settings and options constitutes acceptance of the use of these cookies. In some cases we may authorize advertisers or third parties to place cookies on our website to offer you personalized content and services. In any case, the use of our website is equivalent to acceptance of the use of this type of cookie. If these are blocked, we cannot guarantee the correct functioning of the same.
  4. Advertising and re-marketing cookies: they are used to collect information to make advertising more interesting for the user, therefore to display advertisements on the website or on third-party sites or any other online advertising campaigns. Most of these cookies are “third party”. Being external entities and given the way in which cookies work, we are not allowed access and we are therefore not responsible for their functioning or their purposes. Through the respective privacy policies it is possible to obtain more information on the functioning, purpose and use of cookies by external parties. We also reserve the right to use services of external companies to collect data and / or publish advertisements when the user visits our website. Such companies normally use this information anonymously and massively (for example, without including name, address, e-mail address or landline number). The same provide data on visits to the website and other sites, to send announcements on products and services of interest to the user.
  5. Social cookies: these cookies allow you to share our website and click “Like” on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc., and therefore to interact with the content of the various platforms. The conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected are governed by the privacy policy of the social network concerned.

Our cookies can have variable duration. In particular, there are session cookies: that is, valid within a single search or navigation session and they disappear when the browser is closed and permanent cookies of variable duration. The maximum duration of some cookies of this second category is 5 years.

Due to the particular structure of our website, any disabling of cookies will not allow you to browse inside and take advantage of our services. We inform you, however, that there are several ways to manage cookies. By changing your browser settings, you can disable cookies or decide to receive a warning message before accepting one.

You can delete all the cookies installed in the cookie folder of your browser. Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. Below you can find specific instructions for each browser:





If you do not use one of the aforementioned browsers to find out where to find these settings, you can use the browser’s “Help” button.